[UPHPU] MySQL ER diagram tools

Ray Hunter bigdog at venticon.com
Fri Jan 11 16:35:56 MST 2008

> So my company is looking for a tool we can use to create database ER
> diagrams.  We'd like something that can read our current db structure
> and create diagrams of it.
> What do you use?  What are it's pros and cons?

- dbdesigner4 (fabforce)
- toad
- microolap
- eclipse database tools
- sql manager (http://sqlmanager.net/en/products#mysql)

i currently use the last one for pgsql...it allows me to debug stored 
procedures. I use that tool cause it has many killer apps in the suite. 
Downside is that it costs $$$. Most good ER tools will cost money. That 
is the primary con about them. Eclipse database tools are not as robust 
but are sufficient in what they do.


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