[UPHPU] broken link in style sheet kills IE 6

Jim Anderson jim.anderson at techiegroup.com
Thu Jan 10 17:04:49 MST 2008

may be a silly question but.... are you expressly stating height and 
width parameters on the reference that is broken [nonexistent]?

initial thought...


Wade Preston Shearer wrote:

> I have just discovered what appears to be a bug in IE 6 and am curious 
> if anyone else has experience with it. If a style sheet contains a 
> link to an image that does not exist, it borks all other images in the 
> same sheet. And I say "borks" over breaks because it doesn't just 
> break them, it kills the style declaration altogether. For example, I 
> have a background image set in one style sheet and then override it in 
> another. Below this override, I have a link to an image that doesn't 
> exist. So, with the situation described above, IE is freaking out 
> about the broken link and messing up the other links. The weird part 
> is that if the override declaration isn't working, I should still have 
> the original, right? Nope, instead I get no background image.
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