Mike Mackrory mike at echovue.com
Thu Feb 21 15:12:46 MST 2008

Hi Guys,


I have a web application written in PHP and hosted on a Managed Server from
1and1 (That may be relevant).


I have a new client that is looking at signing up to use the application,
but one of the requirements is that it needs to support LDAP.  From what I
can tell this should be fairly easy to add, I'm just not sure if it is
available on my server.  It's one of those problems where I get the good
price for a stable environment, but then run into trouble where I need
flexibility.  I'm also not the most experience guy when it comes to
administering a server, hence the decision to go with a managed server!


Has anyone had any experience implementing an LDAP solution within the 1and1
hosting environment and if not, any good suggestions on where I could
possibly find information on how to implement it?





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