[UPHPU] Class and Object Storage

thebigdog bigdog at venticon.com
Mon Feb 18 09:53:50 MST 2008

> I ran a test and found out that JSP/Tomcat works the way that I want, 
> but since I like PHP, I want to be able to do this in PHP. How can this 
> be accomplish?

PHP does not have a stateful model. Every request causes the php engine to start 
for that request. If you need a stateful model then you need something that will 
share a vm.  All java application servers will allow you to do this as they have 
a stateful model.  There are other langs that can accomplish this like python 
and ruby that you might want to look at too. But for php, you will need to 
serialize and deserialize on each request and load the objects into memory.


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