[UPHPU] Job: PHP Programmer / Management

William Attwood wattwood at gmail.com
Sun Feb 17 22:05:57 MST 2008

Hey everyone--

   I posted this a few weeks ago, and I'm giving it one more round before I
move on.   I'm leaving my management / programming position in downtown SLC
for bigger opportunities (Canada) and need to find a well-rounded individual
to step in and take over.  Here are some basic skillsets:

1) PHP 5 - (OOP skills, but no, you don't need to be able to name off design
patterns).  Code is a mix of old procedural and new OOP, will need to be
maintained, enhanced and refactored.
2) MySQL 5 -  Table structure, good eye for data organization, and good SQL
3) Management- Some management / team skills are desired.  On top of daily
activities, the candidate will manage a few developers and give direction
where needed.  They are bright, so any assistance is usually a powwow to
figure out the best approach to solve a problem.
4) Familiarity with processes, implementation, timeframes, and good
communication skills, as you will report directly to the CEO and will
interface regularly with other departments.

Each computer is a dual core system with three attached monitors.  A laptop
is also provided for additional work (off-site work, emergencies, etc).
Development is taken care of very well and in turn is expected to keep
things going smoothly and implement enhancements quickly for the
administrative control panel / CRM and the online shopping cart.  There is a
lot to do and a lot of fun to be had.

I do hate leaving this job, but the opportunity in Canada is far too great
for me to pass it up.  Come fill my shoes with a nice company, good work
environment, and a challenging workplace.

Toss me an e-mail if you're interested or have other questions.   Very
competitive salary, without giving any numbers of, of course -- it's alwayd
DOE ;)


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