[UPHPU] Class and Object Storage

Justin Giboney giboney at giboneydesigns.com
Sun Feb 17 12:37:51 MST 2008

Walt Haas wrote:
> I'm trying to understand what you want to do.  From what you said I'm 
> guessing that you want a portable way to generate unique keys for a 
> cache, and are looking to some implementation of UUID to do this. [see 
> http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4122]
I already have that GUID/UUID part, see 
http://www.expresslanevideo.com/docs/guid.txt (I am sure there are 
better implementations, and I am open to suggestions.)

The problem I am having is easy implementation for a web based system. 
For version 1.0, I was using memcached to hold this object between 
users/browsers/sessions for up to 30 minutes after the last hit, so that 
I would only have one object available to all users.

There are two problems with this implementation
(1) memcached introduces more complication to the programmer **
(2) not all web hosts support memcached (although I asked blue host last 
night if they do and they said yes)

I have updated this class to be a singleton class because of the 
efficiency of the singleton programming pattern, but that doesn't help 
with holding objects between users/browsers/sessions, because the web 
server seems to drop all classes and objects after each page load.

** Note: I just thought of a way to help with this, I could memcached 
code into the class to reduce complications for the programmer. This 
doesn't help with the second point though.

Thank you,

Justin Giboney

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