[UPHPU] Good CSS two-column layout?

Velda Christensen velda at novapages.com
Fri Feb 15 11:40:36 MST 2008

MilesTogoe wrote:
> Walt Haas wrote:
>> Wade Preston Shearer wrote:
>>>> Does anybody know of a way to solve the two-column layout problem 
>>>> without using either a table or ugly non-portable looking CSS hacks?
>>> Will any of these offer assistance?
>>> http://anavidesign.com/examples/css_layouts/
>> They use the repeating background image approach.  That approach 
>> works OK if you can guarantee that a simple image will do the trick.  
>> I was hoping to find something a little more general.
> Walt,
> I've begrudgingly made the switch from tables to CSS (since 
> ajax/dom/etc really depends on it) and basically have kept things real 
> super simple: float one column, kept a fixed width on that column, and 
> then margin the other column.  That seems to work.  And don't forget 
> to clear the floats at each vertical break.   If it requires a hack, 
> I'm still using tables for layout.  Once you get into the hacks, it 
> just pulls you in deeper.  And I'm basically telling all my customers 
> to use Firefox or Safari (I'm just taking that position - I realize 
> not all can do this)

If you use a footer that has a clear: both attribute I think you should 
be able to do this (extend background colors down your columns) without 
a problem. But I'll agree with Miles.  When there's more writeup trying 
to hack css than you'd get from a very simple table, I'll stick with the 
table.  And that's coming from a very pro-CSS standpoint.  I wasn't 
bregrudged at all... that's just the conclusion I've come to for now.


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