[UPHPU] Good CSS two-column layout?

MilesTogoe miles.togoe at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 09:29:58 MST 2008

Walt Haas wrote:
> Wade Preston Shearer wrote:
>>> Does anybody know of a way to solve the two-column layout problem 
>>> without using either a table or ugly non-portable looking CSS hacks?
>> Will any of these offer assistance?
>> http://anavidesign.com/examples/css_layouts/
> They use the repeating background image approach.  That approach works 
> OK if you can guarantee that a simple image will do the trick.  I was 
> hoping to find something a little more general.

I've begrudgingly made the switch from tables to CSS (since ajax/dom/etc 
really depends on it) and basically have kept things real super simple: 
float one column, kept a fixed width on that column, and then margin the 
other column.  That seems to work.  And don't forget to clear the floats 
at each vertical break.   If it requires a hack, I'm still using tables 
for layout.  Once you get into the hacks, it just pulls you in deeper.  
And I'm basically telling all my customers to use Firefox or Safari (I'm 
just taking that position - I realize not all can do this)

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