[UPHPU] Good CSS two-column layout?

Walt Haas haas at xmission.com
Fri Feb 15 06:48:17 MST 2008

Does anybody know of a way to solve the two-column layout problem 
without using either a table or ugly non-portable looking CSS hacks?

I'm referring to the situation where a page has two columns.  Each 
column needs to have its own background color different from the page 
background color, and we don't know in advance which column will be 
longer.  The basic problem is that CSS doesn't have a way to assign 
something like "height: 100%" to a div.  I've googled around and found 
two basic CSS approaches: one involves generating an image file to use 
as a background behind the column, and the other involves padding the 
column down to a location somewhere around St. George :-).

Both of these techniques look like they are more trouble than they are 
worth.  Of course it is trivially easy to solve the problem cleanly 
using a table to lay out the columns, but before stooping to that 
obsolete way of doing things :-|) I thought I'd ask.

Thanks  -- Walt

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