[UPHPU] 40 signs of a lousy PHP programmer

Rusty Keele rusty.keele at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 11 14:03:16 MST 2008


  I try to keep up with the PHP community (and PHP coding in general) by reading various articles on the web.  One of my favorite sites is www.phpdeveloper.org - which is really just a new aggregator for PHP articles.  It is a great site and may be of interest to many people on this mailing list.
  Anyway, today I came across an article entitled "40 signs you really are a lousy PHP programmer" and I just couldn't resist reading it.  It describes several things lousy PHP programmers do when coding.  I'll admit that there were several items I'm guilty of doing - but this article has increased my motivation to learn more about PHP and become a little bit better on the next project I work on.  Here's the URL:

  Take a look at the article and see if you agree with what the author is saying.  I found #39 very interesting - especially after following the link and reading an excellent rant about template engines.
  Anyway, just wondering what all of you think of this list.

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