[UPHPU] Project Planning Software

William Attwood wattwood at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 09:41:35 MST 2008

Hello Locals.

   I'm an organizational creative.  I like to diagram flowcharts prior to
tackling a project, and adjust them to meet changes as they happen.  This
seems to make it so management can see the project a lot easier than if I
was trying to explain the code workings to them.

   I am wondering, what software do you use to plan projects? Microsoft
Visio for ORM/UML diagrams?  Some open-source application?

   I ran across LovelyCharts based in Flex, and was surprised that it does
the linking for you and "Assumes" what you mean, allowing you to correct
that assumption if need be.  Is there other software out there that is like
this or better, saving time and making the diagramming and planning process
easier?  What do you use?

Thanks guys

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