[UPHPU] Geographic Web Stats?

thebigdog bigdog at venticon.com
Wed Aug 6 10:21:54 MDT 2008

Brandon Stout wrote:
> I currently use Urchin, which is now Google Analytics for web stats.  A 
> client would like to track Geographic data.  I explained a little on how 
> Geographic data is not very accurate since the Internet uses IP 
> addresses rather than geography.  There are /some/ apps that track 
> Geographic data based on wherever certain IP addresses /should/ be 
> geographically.  What do you use to track Geographic stats?

Google analytics does give some geographical stats. However, they are not very 
detailed and only give you a basic area. Which is pretty much all you can do 
based on the ip address. There are some false-positives with that data too.


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