[UPHPU] Is PHP the right language for my project?

thebigdog bigdog at venticon.com
Mon Apr 7 10:28:33 MDT 2008

> In reading the archives of this group, you guys seem to be pretty objective
> about what works for certain situations.  I have been debating in my head
> for awhile about what is the right programming language for a specific job.
> I am debating PHP frameworks, perl, maybe RIA (flex), and everything else.
> This project is being done from scratch so we have the luxury of choosing
> what we think is best -- hopefully we get it right!  I'd appreciate any
> insights in what you guys think as I am not a PHP expert.
> I think typically this would be done in a client-server environment like
> c++, visual basic, .net, etc.  However, the customer facing portion of it
> will need to be browser-based since they will be remote to us (around the
> world).
> The application is really a business/inventory/process application and not
> your traditional "web" application.  Obviously this could be done in PHP,
> but could it be done WELL in PHP and is PHP the best choice?


I usually look at various technologies, hardware requirements and customer 
requirements before deciding which language to choose. There are other 
requirements as well: development lifecycle, cost, employee skill, employee 
retention, training and other items. At that point I start to figure out the 
architecture requirements and what needs to be accomplished (ie location of 
customers, deployment, hardware) and start spec'ing it all out. Then i turn my 
attention to development environments and team mechanics. After that i will 
start looking at the language to see which one will accomplish the design by 
factoring in skill set, training, hiring, cost and a few other things. Once the 
language is determined, the planning phase needs to include how you are going to 
develop the software...whether that is fully web or parts are web based and 
development decisions.

But i would agree with Tyler, most languages are sufficient for what you are 
trying to do; however, you need to take a lot more into account when making that 
decision. You really don't want to do a java app if all your guys are php guys; 
you don't want to do a php app if all your guys are ruby; etc.

yet there is only one database that you should use - pgsql!!!!

[i just had to say that]


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