[UPHPU] CDBaby Return From Rails to PHP

jtaber jtaber at johntaber.net
Sun Sep 23 14:21:42 MDT 2007

By now, unless you live in a cave, you've all probably read the new 
Digg/Slashdot article ref CDBaby and their return to PHP from Rails.  
But the author misses several things besides the effort being a disaster 
in project planning and mgmt.

It's true you can easily set up model-type classes in PHP.  In fact I 
prefer these over Rail's model classes.  But for most other stuff, it's 
just a case of more effort, complexity, time, and thus, money.  The 
owner makes some good points about ease of PHP deployment but really 
misses some of the key problems we had with PHP :

1) Lack of Built In Testing - I guess there are some external tools like 
UnitTest but nothing as easy as in Rails.  And sites without testing, 

2) Lack of Good Redirecting - Rails uses a great front-end controller 
and it's simple to call redirects and linktos from anywhere.  PHP has 
some real restrictions with redirects (ie before html output, etc).  

3) Lack of Good Data Protection/Integrity - simple things like built-in 
protection against injection attacks

4) ORM - actually this is more questionable but ORM comes in really 
handy in things like views where you don't need to do lookups/retrieval 
to show something like invoice.customer.name

The lack of these things make us much more productive in Rails or Django 
than in PHP. 


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