[UPHPU] TONIGHT ONLY - Mac Newbold presenting SQL and PHP @ 7p

Victor Villa vvilla at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 11:10:30 MDT 2007

Greets to all,


Meeting tonight!


Mac Newbold is speaking on SQL and PHP.  He will be discussing the following


- triggers

- stored procedures

- foreign keys


Additionally, Mac will make a block of time available so that you can bring
questions from your projects so that we can all discuss and help you get
some answers!


Now the critically important stuff:


- Food and Drinks will be provided by CodeGreene.

- There will be some book swag given out

- There will be 2 used as-is computers given out (free to good home)  


Live Podcast listeners ARE eligible for swag IF they are in the IRC AND
Request that they be put in the drawing.  They have to pay shipping, or make
arrangements to pick up within the next couple of days for any prizes won.


Online streaming is available this time!  Go to (will
be live after 2p) to get the information on GeekCast and connection to our
CGI:IRC to post questions to Mac.


Once again, thanks to Mac for presenting this month, last time I heard him
speak on SQL it was REALLY worthwhile.


ADDITIONALLY!  Mac Newbold is searching for some people to hire!  Bring your
resume and fancy duds if you want to talk to him about opportunities with





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