[UPHPU] PHP Chart Library

John David Anderson uphpu at johndavidanderson.net
Tue Sep 18 09:05:03 MDT 2007

On Sep 18, 2007, at 9:00 AM, cole at colejoplin.com wrote:

> I know I will open up a can of worms here, but I don't really care.  
> I prefer Flash reports. Reports that are presentational, like pies  
> and charts, deserve a presentational delivery. As I've demonstrated  
> for the group, PHP and Flash can produced spectacular results  
> together.
> While I understand that free and open source are very important to  
> many in this group, business demands force me to go for superior  
> excellence, wherever it may take me. While static graphs are not  
> bad per se, they simply don't rise to spectacular.

I second that. Flex has some pretty cool charting stuff. I'd check it  

-- John

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