[UPHPU] PHP Chart Library

Ken Snyder ksnyder at coremr.com
Mon Sep 17 11:51:39 MDT 2007

Richard K Miller wrote:
> On Sep 17, 2007, at 11:22 AM, Jon Gale wrote:
>> Have any of you used or heard of a good PHP chart generation library 
>> (pie,
>> bar, line etc) that's NOT Jpgraph?  I've used Jpgraph for several 
>> projects
>> but frankly I'm not super-impressed by it.  I'm thinking there's got 
>> to be
>> something better out there.
> I've used PHP/SWF which has free and paid versions:
> http://www.maani.us/charts/index.php
> I've also used the PEAR library:
> http://pear.php.net/package/Image_Graph
> And CSS:
> http://applestooranges.com/blog/post/css-for-bar-graphs/?id=55
> I also bookmarked these, which look cool:
> http://www.fusioncharts.com/
> http://www.amcharts.com/pie/
> http://www.alvit.de/blog/article/nifty-tools-and-tutorials-for-creating-diagrams-charts-and-chart-flows 
I've also had success with Image_Graph although it is pretty clunky.  
I've wanted to try the Flash Charts at maani.us.  I've also seen this 
one that looked interesting: http://www.ejschart.com/index.php

- Ken Snyder

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