[UPHPU] UPHPU Meeting next Thursday

Brandon Stout bms at mscis.org
Fri Sep 14 14:57:24 MDT 2007

Ray Hunter wrote:
>> W00T! - k, as if Mac wasn't a big enough of a draw, there is a high
>> probability that I will be pushing out some old hardware @ this meet.  So,
>> if you are a PHP novice and looking for a comp to try out Linux, Apache,
>> MySQL and PHP (LAMP) then come to this meet, because I'll PROBABLY have 2
>> computers I'm giving away.  Now, don't get your hopes up, this isn't latest
>> top of the line stuff, these are P3 comps, 1ghz (I think), built in vid and
>> nic, they'll have the CPU, but you need to buy the hdd.  I MIGHT have a
>> stick of RAM, but no promises.
> you could do linux, apache, postgresql, php too :)
> (LAPP) rocks my world.
> --
> thebigdog

On this note, I'll make a big announcement for Open Source database
enthusiasts - MySQL and Postgresql alike.  For some time I've wanted to
start a Utah MySQL User Group.  I've heard others express interest in
such a group also.  I've seen more MySQL questions each year in UPHPU,
and I think we have enough interest to grow a Utah Open Source Database
community.  Let Utah show a higher level of support for Open Source
databases as it has for so many other Open Source products.  Tom
Welche's (sp?) inspiring presentation on building Open Source
communities motivated me to, as Picard would say, "make it so".  I've
registered these domains:


The umysqlug.org domain currently redirects to uosdb.org.  I'll put up
mail lists and add features later.  Perhaps some of you who go to next
Thursday's meeting will stay after and help me plan the site, or maybe
we can make it a meeting in itself.  Post your thoughts or comments on
the site, or comment in this thread.  Who would like to be a postgres
champion,or a MySQL champion?  Now's your chance.

Brandon Stout

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