[UPHPU] website enhancements

Brandon Stout bms at mscis.org
Thu Sep 13 13:01:44 MDT 2007

Wade Preston Shearer wrote:
> I am curious, would you guys like a block in the sidebar for job
> announcements (similar to how UGAF does it [1])?

I'm indifferent here since I've just started a new job, but I think this
may be a good idea.

> Also, what are your thoughts about requiring job announcements to be
> posted through a form on the website instead of via email (similar to
> how UGAF does it [2])? The nice thing about this is that it controls
> quality without the delay of moderation.

Sounds like less work for you - you won't have to manually approve each
job posting.  As Dave pointed out, you also can enforce certain fields.


Brandon Stout

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