[UPHPU] Confirm Email Address Form Field

Ray Hunter bigdog at venticon.com
Thu Sep 6 09:15:37 MDT 2007

> I'm getting more and more annoyed with new web forms that make me
> confirm my email address.  I realize that they are probably trying to
> keep people from mis-typing their email address, but it completely
> misses the point of a confirmation field.  As I see it, you should use a
> "Confirm Password" field because it is not displayed in clear text - it
> makes sense to confirm the password.  However email address form fields
> are plain text.  Furthermore, people who mistype their email address
> will not receive the "confirm your registration" email, so they will
> just have to try again.  I've always pasted my email into the annoying
> "confirm email" field.  However, one form I filled out recently topped
> off my annoyance level with this field.  They actually had some
> javascript that made it impossible to copy from the "Email" field, and
> impossible to past anything into the "Confirm Email" field.  I refused
> to subscribe after that.  Do y'all agree that this is an unnecessary and
> annoying field, or should I just calm down and accept this new trend?

sometimes you have to look at the code beneath and see if there is any
thing that they are doing with the fields. i have noticed many are
trying to deter spam by using said field. i have done something where i
actually use information in hidden fields that are posted and never use
the fields that are visible to the user. meaning i use javascript to
create the hidden fields that are then posted to the server and those
are the fields that i use and not the ones that are visible to the user.
 they might be doing something along those lines.


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