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Jon Gale wrote:
> On 10/23/07, *Brad Davis* <bdavis at cove-mtn.com 
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>     As to using AI to effect Design:  Bob Lutz (of auto fame) wrote about
>     design in the auto business.  He wrote about the "semi-tractor" design
>     that was (and is still) used for the Dodge Ram pickups.  Lots of
>     people
>     hated it, and about 20% of truck buyers loved it.  The lovers
>     bought the
>     truck, the haters weren't going to buy Dodge anyway.  The design
>     doubled
>     Dodge truck sales, but if Dodge had used standard focus groups, they
>     would not have increased sales.  (Mr. Lutz said they would have had a
>     truck that nobody hated, but nobody would have become passionate
>     about.)
> Very interesting...I'd love to read some more about this...any 
> references you can point me to?
> Jon
Certainly.  "Guts", Robert A. Lutz, ISBN 0-471-29561-2, Page 71-72.  
Actually the statistics
I quoted were wrong.  Dodge only had 4% of the market before the 
introduction of the Ram.
They increased their market share 5 times.

Everyone on this list should also read "The Inmates are Running the 
Asylum", Alan Cooper,
ISBN 0-672-31649-8, as we are all inmates...

Brad Davis

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