[UPHPU] Safe File Upload

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at bluesunhosting.com
Mon Oct 22 14:31:34 MDT 2007

On 16 Oct 2007, at 09:52, Justin Giboney wrote:

> Is there a good tutorial on how to allow the public to upload  
> images to a server (using PHP) safely (without viruses, hacks,  
> trojan horses, etc...)?

In case you do not already have your answer, and in case this was not  
already posted, here is an answer from last week and a similar question:


Oct 3, 2007 12:02 PM	
Re: [UPHPU] secure(ish) php writable directory	

Have a look at this security paper, it covers most everything you need
to do a secure file upload with php.




The paper was a pretty good read.


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