[UPHPU] Genetically coded website

justin justin at justinhileman.info
Mon Oct 22 12:13:15 MDT 2007

On 10/22/07, Craig Jackson <CJackson at cirris.com> wrote:
> >Except that bright red + green + blue = white...
> The average of #FF0000(255 0 0) #00FF00(0 255 0) #0000FF(0 0 255) = #555555(85 85 85)
> That comes out with a gray color, which is why the color will not be white. That is only a compilation of three extreme color votes, but What forces the colors to turn brown though? Is it just slight descrepancies in which colors are chosen more? Don't know if this is very relevant, but just wondering how the color will turn brown?

yeah. i was wrong about brown... (remember my disclaimer about it
being late). it will go to a muted combination of the two highest
voted colors, which in this case approached a brown/purple (~
#550055). it could have just as easily evolved to dark teal (~
#005555) or dark mustard (~ #555500).

the distribution won't be exact. but right now it looks like a fairly
even split between blue and red. since green wasn't quite as popular,
it died at about gen 57. without any green in the mix, it gets closer
to the red/blue split (in this case, heavier on the red) which makes

actually you can throw out anything past gen 40, because there's
really no difference to the naked eye past that point.


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