[UPHPU] onclick clean, onmouseover messy

Craig Jackson CJackson at cirris.com
Tue Nov 27 09:27:54 MST 2007

I always felt that javascript's handling of onmouseover was nasty. But, I believe the problem resides with all the inputs at once when your cursor goes wild. Each time your cursor goes over the div it causes 4 checks and at least 2 runs, Open a closed div and make sure the other 3 are closed. Well, when you jump around with the cursor, it causes many of the inputs to be run simultaneously. Therefore, not keeping the correct procedures. If there is some type of queuing system of your effects, I think you could create the queuing system to work the effects correctly. That is my idea.

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I am using the scriptaculous/prototype libraries to slide some  
elements open and closed and am experiencing something strange. When I  
initiate the action via an onclick, it works, but when I initiate it  
via an onmouseover, it gets messy. Here is an example in action:


If you mouse over the onmouseover ones slowly and carefully, you can  
make it work without problems, but as soon as you speed up and jump  
around, the list that dynamically is showing/hiding begins to "fall"  
outside of the parent div.

Anyone have any ideas why this would work with onclick and not  
onmouseover? I can do it fast with the click and it doesn't get messy?  
Is it just that I am not able to do it fast enough and if I were it  
would get messy with the click too?

For those unfamiliar with the scriptaculous/prototype libraries, they  
way that it shows and hides is be adding or removing an inline  
"display: none" from the element.

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