[UPHPU] Are we facing another standards storm?

Jacob Wright jacwright at gmail.com
Wed May 9 14:27:28 MDT 2007

> I'm sure that many here are old enough to remember the legendary battle of
> IE 4 v Netscape 4.

What's Netscape?

just kiddin' ;)

> It seems that Havoc has been cried and the dogs of war slipped over the
> battleground of RIA.  Here is what I mean.
> Adobe Flash &  Apollo v MS Silverlight & WPF v FireFox Cairo v Sun JavaFX
> v
> AJAX JS Frameworks v APEE (Anomalous Pretty Eye-candy Engine).
> Seriously, I'd be interested to see what tech people have played with.
> Additionally, since I'm a lazy jerk and don't feel like learning 4+
> languages, I'd be interested to find out what tech is the one likely to be
> on top, and thus, me spend my time to learn.

Adobe's Flash has the largest spread, Microsoft has a convenient way to
release their product (via Windows updates), and Java is popular with
developers. So I don't know who will end up on top. I hope Ajax and Adobe
because I've already invested time into Ajax stuff and Flash, Flex, and

Jacob Wright
Within Code LLC

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