[UPHPU] Video solutions

Brandon Stout bms at mscis.org
Tue Mar 27 20:04:23 MDT 2007

Trevyn Meyer wrote:

> I hope your not the one doing the "NEW" Jacobs ranch site.  My client 
> has 5 homes out there and when people look for Jacobs ranch on the 
> Internet I want to slap that person who made the site.  You should 
> receive a  fine for putting that crap on the Internet.
> Trevyn

Are you referring to:

  http://www.jacobs-ranch.com ?

I see nothing offensive there.  Please don't send a link to an offensive 
site, I just wanted to verify if this was the site you were referring to 
since all it has is public details posted.

Brandon Stout

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