[UPHPU] Rails vs PHP

Joshua Simpson std3rr at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 11:41:37 MDT 2007

On 3/26/07, Trevyn Meyer <trevyn at esourcehome.com> wrote:
> Sorry I have to point this out.
> "ad hominem" trying to look smart.

Are you kidding me?  You responded to 'ad hominem' with an 'ad hominem'
attack!  Good one!

Next comes the inevitable proof of Godwin's Law!

> What the hell?  Are you insecure?

You have no idea.  I usually huddle in a corner sucking my thumb.

I was questioning your information spewing... do you have production to
> back up your spew?

You're going to have to define  'production', and 'spew'.

"Some pseudo-insightful quote here." - Some Guy

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