[UPHPU] Rails vs PHP

Trevyn Meyer trevyn at esourcehome.com
Mon Mar 26 11:21:29 MDT 2007


Joshua Simpson wrote:
> On 3/26/07, *Trevyn Meyer* <trevyn at esourcehome.com 
> <mailto:trevyn at esourcehome.com>> wrote:
>     You can say what you want about php...  What have you built in Python
>     that couldnt be done in php?  I seem to hear so much oppinion from
>     people like you, yet they have no portfolio.
>     Talk is cheap.
> I wonder why people take a statement about a language as a personal 
> attack, then whip it around and throw out an ad hominem attack.
> Currently, I've probably built (and/or managed teams that have built) 
> about 5 sites that were previously written in PHP, and used Django to 
> refactor them, and seen substantial test case increases in execution 
> speed (they're not live yet). 
> One would be: http://www.chatterbean.com/
> This site processes about, oh, 300 to 400 thousand individual visitors 
> per day.  My Django refactor has probably seen an increase of about 
> 400 to 500% in execution time.  I'm not kidding (this is using a 
> separate application server).
> I've been using Python for about 6 years, but just recently dipped 
> into Pylons and Django ( Although I'm currently working as a senior 
> web developer, I usually do penetration testing or network engineering 
> contract jobs).  The substantial increase in both development time AND 
> execution time have led me to believe that they are the best solution. 
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