[UPHPU] Rails vs PHP

Trevyn Meyer trevyn at esourcehome.com
Mon Mar 26 10:49:34 MDT 2007

You can say what you want about php...  What have you built in Python 
that couldnt be done in php?  I seem to hear so much oppinion from 
people like you, yet they have no portfolio.

Talk is cheap.


Joshua Simpson wrote:
>> I'm sure there are numerous performance comparisons at Google's 
>> disposal.
>> The problem with mod_php is that it pretty much parses the code every
>> request.  mod_python precompiles scripts.
> And, really, mod_python is probably the worst solution (speedwise) for 
> a web
> application in Python.  A proper application server, or FastCGI, would
> destroy anything PHP has to offer.

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