[UPHPU] html design templates

Victor Villa vvilla at gmail.com
Sun Mar 4 17:40:02 MST 2007

>> 2) Use a design tool that has a bunch of pre made stuff like buttons, 
>> menus, ....I guess Dreamweaver does this but since we are on linux that 
>> doesn't work.  Or is Dreamweaver that good that and we should go buy a 
>> Macbook to run it on ? (we have no desire to use Windows). 
>Thanks for some good feedback - while it is for my businesses and web 
>apps, hiring a GD is probably not in the cards - easy to say it is the 
>must approach until you have to sign checks or make spending decisions.  
>Right now, we're trying to save cash.


I can understand being constrained by available funds as I have to PO
everything with several review processes in place.

However, when you mentioned step 2, you mentioned the possibility of
purchasing Dreamweaver and a Macbook.  DW currently retails at $400 and a
macbook on the cheap at apple.com is $1100.  

That said, for $1500 for that solution, I thought it'd better to stick with
a standard text editor and get a decent Graphic Designer, as I myself was
only using Dreamweaver to keep my side of the code pretty and wasn't using
the graphical design portion.

Glad to see you found a solution, and don't want to hash old hash with you.
Just wanted to give better context on where I was coming from when I
suggested the GD.


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