Sean sean at lookin3d.com
Mon Jul 30 15:31:14 MDT 2007

Ken Snyder wrote:
> Jonathan Duncan wrote:
>> ...
>> Ken,
>> I have been using Eclipse for a year or so now and I have messed 
>> around with Zend briefly.  Can you tell us more about why you like 
>> PhpED over Eclipse and Zend?
>> Thanks,
>> Jonathan
> 2. SVN
> - Zend has no SVN support
> - Eclipses SVN engine (tortoise based) is buggy and locks the 
> workspace while commits are in progress
> - PhpED has a "shell menu" link that allows you to run tortoise svn 
> quickly from the PhpED file tree
Zend added svn in their new version, its really nice!

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