[UPHPU] Re: [UPHPU-jobs] 1-2 Senior Web Developer(s) - $45K - $65K

John David Anderson uphpu at johndavidanderson.net
Mon Jul 30 10:03:43 MDT 2007

"I once maybe almost thought that a pretty good developer, or maybe  
even a slightly-better-than average developer, might want to make (if  
it was okay with is boss and everything) a little more than other  
developers who are close to his age and ability... and probably  
proximity too. I'd probably think about supporting a measure that  
would go something like that."

You can quote me on that when someone presses charges.

What are we talking about here, exactly? Are you guys kidding?

-- John

On Jul 30, 2007, at 9:48 AM, Justin Giboney wrote:

> sorry, I meant to send this to the list.
> I was recently at a movie rental conference (for independent  
> renters) in Vegas, where this issue was being enforced continually  
> by those in-charge. I doubt there was any government officials  
> listening to make arrests or anything, but those in-charge know the  
> laws and don't want to be in trouble.
> see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Price_fixing
> How it applies to us?  "informal agreements or unspoken agreements  
> to fix price also can violate the antitrust laws. The price-fixing  
> laws apply to industries and professionals, for-profit concerns and  
> non-profits and charities." (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ 
> Price_fixing)
> "Methods of price fixing can include selling at a common target  
> price; setting a common "minimum" price" (http://en.wikipedia.org/ 
> wiki/Price_fixing)
> "45k should be starting range for a web developer at any serious
> company." - Joshua Simpson
> "In my mind about 2-3 years business experience in PHP would merit  
> "programmer starting pay" of around $50k" - Ken Snyder
> Referring to the prices listed
> "Is it just me, or does this seem a bit low for a "senior" web  
> developer?" - Jason Jones
> "I think the bottom half of the listed range is firmly Jr. level."  
> - Lamont Peterson
> "What is a fair salary for someone with 5 years experience at a  
> small company and no management experience?" - Darrin Keller
> Justin Giboney
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