[UPHPU] Re: [UPHPU-jobs] 1-2 Senior Web Developer(s) - $45K - $65K

Kyle Waters unum at unum5.org
Mon Jul 30 09:19:10 MDT 2007

Justin Giboney wrote:
> Some of you may know more about laws, but the anti-monopoly laws say 
> something about groups of people in related fields talking about 
> pricing. Just thought I would offer that as a word of caution, since I 
> don't know the exact specifics on the laws.
Someone better tell the unions.  Because boy are they in trouble. :)

And we better not discuss this magazine article either:


While it's true the Sherman act was once used against labor, I don't 
think things happen that way anymore.  Unless someone can show me a news 
article with someone being prosecuted for this in the last ten years.  
I'm not going to believe it.


no amount of fear can stop the rise of free media, or free software (they are the same, after all)

Jonathan Swartz
CEO Sun Microsystems

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