[UPHPU] Adjusting Table

Justin Giboney giboney at giboneydesigns.com
Thu Jul 26 11:49:58 MDT 2007

How can I get some div elements (or a table) to adjust to the width  
of the screen?

.singleimgsub {
	display: table-cell;
	margin: 10px;

PHP (in while loop of sql statement)
echo ('<div class="singleimgsub"><img src="manage/images/smactors/' .  
$row2['Actor_SM_Image_File'] . '"><br />' . $row2 
['Actor_First_Name'] . ' ' . $row2['Actor_Last_Name'] . '</div>');

I have tried making the div inline but that doesn't put all the  
actors next to each other. If they are block they are in a vertical  
line (not what I want). I want the photos to basically adjust to the  
width of the content div.


Justin Giboney

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