[UPHPU] Convert a site to ajax

Jason Jones poeticintensity at gmail.com
Mon Jul 23 21:12:30 MDT 2007

> Some people say using frames/flash/ajax destroys the functionality of
> the back/forward buttons in the browser. (which I basically agree with)

Hmmm.... I personally can't see much use for AJAX in navigation of the demo
site you provided us with.  I rarely see the need for AJAX at all in

The way this site works, it also damages the effectiveness of the
> back/forward buttons. Most user clicks update the current page, so if
> you want to go back, you have to go back through several iterations of
> the same page you are on. Using post also gives scary messages to the
> user when you go back to a page that was posted. This detracts from
> using back/forward also. The three options I though of were to
> 1) switch from post to get

beandog (Steve Dibb) showed me a wonderful example of how he used sessions
to overcome  those scary POST messages upon going "back".  It really is
quite cool, and requires no AJAX.

3) use ajax to update the current page, but use regular links for site
> navigation.

good idea.

Now, that probably isn't asking much, and I could probably do it myself.
> (with respect to doing it myself, I don't know much javascript. just

Holy cow.  Really?  AJAX has everything to do with Javascript.  I'd
personally be scared to use it if I didn't know what it was doing on the

1) I don't have to use its php/other backend. I only need JS.

I believe that the whole idea behind AJAX is to allow asynchronous
communication between a back-end language (PHP/PERL/Python/etc...) and the
front-end through Javascript.  Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think it would
be at all useful to employ AJAX on a system that didn't need a backend.....?

Good luck Orson!


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