[UPHPU] PHP 4 EOL Announcement

Jim Anderson jim.anderson at techiegroup.com
Wed Jul 18 14:07:17 MDT 2007

> I also have a question. Those of you who have ported PHP 4 sites to 
> work on
> a PHP 5 box, how long did it take? Is there quite a process? I was 
> under the
> opinion that many PHP 4 apps/sites didn't need to change much or any 
> to run
> with PHP 5, only if they used a few of the less-common practices that 
> PHP 5
> no longer supported. Maybe I'm wrong. I've ported some of my stuff 
> from PHP
> 5 back to 4 but not from 4 to 5.

i just thought that i would throw in that, when my company upgrade to 5, 
i didn't have to change anything on any of our sites. i guess i just 
lucked out, but we can call it "lucky skill" if we want to. :)


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