[UPHPU] Yet More CSS Stuff

Velda Christensen velda at novapages.com
Mon Jan 29 22:07:41 MST 2007

Sorry for the blank note.  I have no idea why that happened (there WAS 
an email there before I hit send -- I swear it)

I meant to say, I'm serious .. not so much about the palindrome (though 
I'll go for the super smart group, or I was thinking Utah CSS Super Cool 
Users ? :-p).  No offense to Jonathan's link... but I think it'd be fun 
to join a local CSS group.  Does anyone know of any?  For me it'd be 
even more exciting than a php group, if only because I might be able to 
contribute -something-.  And, only because I'm guessing someone here 
might appreciate it, check out my nifty elastic layout at my website: 
novapages.com.  I designed it so I can see it well with or without my 
contacts in.



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