[UPHPU] More CSS frustration

Wade Preston Shearer lists at wadeshearer.com
Wed Jan 24 17:38:47 MST 2007

> Question One.  I noticed that the url for your examples doesn't  
> have a "
> index.php" or anything yet the desired page is delivered.

Webservers have a list filenames (Apache calls them Directory  
Indexes) that are defaults; meaning, that if no filename is given,  
the server will search the directory for one of the defaults and  
serve that up. It is the same way that…


…loads without you having to type…


In my example, the URL is really…


…and the version without "index.php" works because "index.php" is in  
my Directory Indexes list in my server configuration.

> Also, the links on your page only have the get data. How is this  
> accomplished?

The six examples are not six different pages. It is one page with six  
different style sheets. When you click the links, the name of the  
style sheet is passed (via GET as you said) into the page and used  
create the link to the style sheet.

> Question Two.  Looking at the source for style sheet 1, I noticed a  
> div with
> id="page_wrap" inside the page dive yet I cannot find "page_wrap"  
> in 1.css.
> What is the purpose of the page_wrap div?

If example one existed outside of this example, that div would be  
unnecessary and could be left out. It is used in some of the other  
layouts and therefore necessary to make them all work with the same  

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