[UPHPU] More CSS frustration

Mac Newbold mac at macnewbold.com
Wed Jan 17 17:37:50 MST 2007

Today at 5:32pm, jtaber said:

> Wade Preston Shearer wrote:
>>> Maybe you, me, Wade, and dataw0lf (Josh Simpson) should start a podcast or 
>>> something where we argue about technical topics once a week... we could 
>>> end each show with a cage match or something.
>> I'm not interested in debating the moral right and wrongs of each method, 
>> but I am happy to do another presentation on real-world usage if the group 
>> is interested.
> yes from me - I was thinking I wish I could replay your earlier talk now that 
> I've gotten my hands dirty with CSS.

We'll have to make it an annual or semi-annual tradition or something... 
we could invite PHP'ers from all over and everyone could go skiing or 
something. Like our own little PHP conference :)


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