[UPHPU] Geek Lunch :: Nominate a Location!

Mac Newbold mac at macnewbold.com
Tue Feb 20 17:01:32 MST 2007

Today at 4:32pm, Wade Preston Shearer said:

>> March Geek Lunch will be March 2nd, but we still don't have a place 
>> selected
>> and here is your chance to nominate!
>> Technically, this Geek Lunch is the one where we eat south of "the point",
>> so for you guys in Utah County here's your chance!  Send back an email with
>> your nomination and let me know of a place you'd recommend.
> Wallaby's in Lindon!

What kind of food do they have? What should we each expect to pay there?

And for those of us who avoid Utah Valley whenever possible, how far south 
of the point is Lindon, and how far off the freeway is Wallaby's?

(I'm asking cause I'd like to know, not because I think it is a bad idea 
or anything like that. So nobody consider this a vote against Wallaby's, k?)


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