[UPHPU] Even WalMart has cross-browser issues

Alvaro Carrasco alvaro at epliant.com
Thu Feb 15 13:11:25 MST 2007

Brandon Stout wrote:
> Smith, Jeff wrote:
>> I thought you guys would find the follow up on this funny/sad/wrong.
>> Walmart's said that because firefox and Mac's do not support the right
>> type of DRM they don't care about those customers.  They have "fixed"
>> the site.  It now renders but if you use FF or Mac's it says.
>> "We're sorry ...
>> Our website requires the browser Internet Explorer version 6 (or higher)
>> or Mozilla/Firefox with an IE Tab Extension (IE installation required).
>> It appears that you are using Firefox, Safari, or another browser that
>> Wal-Mart Video Downloads doesn't currently support. Click here to get
>> Internet Explorer for free from Microsoft.
>> Thank You"
>> Way to alienate a good portion of your customers.
>> Jeff Smith
> I'd like to know... what does Document Rights Management have to do with
> this? It's a web page, not a copyrighted book...
> Brandon Stout
> http://mscis.org

DRM = Digital Rights Management


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