[UPHPU] Even WalMart has cross-browser issues

Velda Christensen velda at novapages.com
Wed Feb 7 15:26:36 MST 2007

cole at colejoplin.com wrote:
> Even the big corporate guys do dumb things. Check out the link below 
> in IE, then Firefox.
> http://mediadownloads.walmart.com/mmce/jsp/storeHome.jsp
> Even if you're using Java, tables, and CSS, it cannot save you if you 
> live in an IE bubble.
> -- Cole
Ugh, that is ugly. "Flash of Unstyled Content" .. minus the flash...   
To be fair though, I guess that page is beta (though it is linked in two 
clicks from their front page).  Sounds to me like walmart (also) needs 
to be a little smarter about the difference between alpha and beta 
testing ;-p


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