[UPHPU] [OT] anyone here digg? [this is not a css flamewar]

Mac Newbold mac at macnewbold.com
Fri Feb 2 15:15:51 MST 2007

Today at 2:29pm, Ash said:

> Mac Newbold wrote:
>> http://www.digg.com/software/Cool_software_that_reminds_students_about_projects_and_homework_Gradefix 
> I'm fairly new to digg. Is there a way to see how far from the first page a 
> story is?

Not really, for two reasons:

1) They don't disclose the algorithm, but it claims to be based on how 
many diggs it gets, and how long it took it to get them. Lots in a short 
time work, and most that get 40-50 make it, I think.

2) Digg is rigged

If we can get another 20 people to digg it, I think it will make it.


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