[UPHPU] Yet More CSS Stuff

Brandon Stout bms at mscis.org
Fri Feb 2 11:06:23 MST 2007

cole at colejoplin.com wrote:

> The subject of CSS comes up in all my groups that deal with the web.
> The reason is that CSS, like Javascript, is a
> browser-embedded/client-side technology. Whereas all the others you
> mentiond are server-side technologies, which produce a page for the
> browser. From there, the page results are at the mercy of the browser,
> and server-side technologies have no choice but consider them carefully.
> Off-topic or not, every web developer must address it, there is no
> choice. And the fact that some choose this group as the place to
> discuss it is a compliment to the group. If someone does something
> cool, off-topic, I'm okay with them sharing it here. You never know
> what you're going to learn, and that's exciting.
> -- Cole 

I agree with Cole. I  probably wouldn't join a separate CSS user group. 
I'm interested in CSS, but since all server-side interest groups must
also address CSS, I'll keep looking for CSS solutions with the PHP user
group.  However, I _would_ go for a separate UPHPU CSS list.  After all,
some 200+ posts in January were for CSS.

/me sits down, and awaits the inevitable tug-of-war over a separate
UPHPU CSS list...

Brandon Stout

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