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Velda Christensen velda at novapages.com
Tue Apr 24 11:38:35 MDT 2007

Sorry for the double post, Jon(athon). This reply to all thing gets me 
every time.

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Jonathan Duncan wrote:
 > Seems like there must be an error or two.  Make sure you are telling
 > your php.ini file to show all errors.  Debugging without seeing the
 > errors is useless.  Problems like this have driven me crazy before I
 > figured out that I should tell the server so start showing me the errors.

Thanks Jonathan.  I've checked out the server's main php.ini and it has
all errors but notices on.

However, we had upgraded to the php 5.2.1 in order to support the use of
custom php.ini files for our customers again (actually specifically to
fix another problem WP was having with the default php.ini), as that
feature had been left off -- kindof a basic need on shared hosting if
you ask me.  And even with this latetst version the local php.ini
support is a bit odd. It doesn't cascade, for example (so a php.ini in
/home/someuser/public_html doesn't apply to
/home/someuser/public_html/admin ) .  So. .we'll go edit all of bodo's
php.ini's to be sure the error reporting is on and well.

In fact it looks like Jay beat me to the punch.  We'll see what this
turns up (hopefully something).

 > HTH

You're always helpful :-)  Thanks again.


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