[UPHPU] Table Relationships

Brandon Stout bms at mscis.org
Fri Apr 6 14:50:11 MDT 2007

Scott Hill wrote:

> Of course.  But InnoDB sucks and (IMHO) I thought it was a mistake to 
> add it
> to MySQL.  If you must, just use postgres or something more expensive.
> Also, I wouln't say "wrong" but instead maybe "just not necessary".  For
> simple projects MySQL has always sufficed. And I've never had any 
> "cracks"
> to deal with in any database project I've worked on.  Also, I have seen
> large Oracle and Sybase implementations where, because of business rule
> constraints, referential integrity was not enforced in some groups of
> related tables.  Now, before I get flamed out of existence, I would just
> like to say that I love referential integrity and use it (almost) all the
> time.  Just not with MySQL.

FYI, MySQLAB has slated transaction capability in MyISAM tables for 
version 5.2.  Go to the roadmap section in the 5.1 documentation.

Brandon Stout

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