[UPHPU] Table Relationships

Dave Smith dave at thesmithfam.org
Fri Apr 6 11:04:24 MDT 2007

Mac Newbold wrote:
> I often don't set up the database to enforce my referential integrity 
> (though I do have it enforce uniqueness, since that is more critical) 
> because I find it really doesn't help me much. If I put the 
> constraints in the database, then it kicks my queries back, and I've 
> got to gracefully handle a wide variety of possible error situations, 
> which takes more programming time and adds more complexity. The 
> alternative is to check myself before I do the insert (which often has 
> to be done anyway, and has already been checked), and fix it before I 
> run a query that fails. Perhaps I just have a bias against failed 
> queries, but I prefer to check it first and prevent it from failing 
> rather than try it and see.

Do you lock the table so no one does a DELETE between your check and the 
INSERT? If not, then the app might not stand up too well to heavy load. 
This is why I stand on the other side of the fence. I like to know that 
my data is good, even if some bloke uses phpMyAdmin to mess with it.


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