[UPHPU] PHP conference?

Daniel C. dcrookston at gmail.com
Tue Oct 31 11:00:36 MST 2006

IMHO the main benefit of a conference is meeting interesting people
and swapping ideas and contact information.  From that perspective,
whether it's a cash cow or not is somewhat irrelevant, although
conferences that get that reputation over time would tend to attract
less and less people worth swapping ideas with over time.

On 10/31/06, Mac Newbold <mac at macnewbold.com> wrote:
> My partner pointed this out to me:
> http://hades.phparch.com/ceres/public/tek/
> http://hades.phparch.com/ceres/public/tek/page/index.php/cfp
> Does anyone have any experiences with conferences like these? I've been to
> others, but never one primarily for developers. Does anyone have any
> thoughts about how worthwhile this might be?
> We're considering sending in a few proposals, and I'd encourage others
> from UPHPU to consider doing the same. If our rankings in google are any
> indicator, we're no shabby PHP user group, so it would be really cool to
> have us represented there. And I know there are a bunch of people in UPHPU
> doing really cool stuff. (If anyone has suggestions of stuff they've heard
> me talk about that would make a good talk for one of these, I'm very open
> to suggestions.)
> Plus, anyone speaking at the conference gets in free, a travel allowance,
> and a stipend. They have both 1-hour regular talks as well as 1-hour
> "Bring your own laptop" talks/tutorials, and regular "in-depth" tutorials
> (3-6 hours long).
> What do you guys think about this? Is it likely to be a worthwhile thing,
> or is it just a cash-cow conference?
> Thanks,
> Mac

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