[UPHPU] Geek Lunch - Nov 3rd

Victor Villa vvilla at gmail.com
Mon Oct 23 13:14:13 MDT 2006

Et al.,

This month's geek lunch is tentatively scheduled for Friday, Nov 3rd!
Please reply back to thread and let me know eateries that you'd recommend.
Please note, every effort is taken to find a good place to eat that can
accommodate everybody and is centrally located.  

For geeks in Ogden, Provo, Span Fork, etc., there has been some discussion
as to locations better suited to your locale.  It is being considered and in
the works.  For example, Timothy H and I on the IRC channel were scheming to
possibly hold a future geek lunch in Bountiful for the more northern geeks.

So, reply back to thread with your favorite restaurant!


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