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First off, Happy Belated Thanksgiving!  Hope everyone had a great
holiday.  Nothing beats homemade stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams and
cranberries!  Mmm mmm good!

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, I'm looking forward to our PHP
workshop on Jan 27th.  I would like to have it all planned, or at least
80% planned, by the 1st of January, so we can spend that month
advertising, and getting the word out about the event.

So, with that said, I'd like to start planning with available locations,
who is going to present, what time frames we are looking at, and the
topics that we would like to cover.  Basically, a broad overview of the

Greg Anderson/Aaron Wilson/Patrick Beck- Is it possible to utilize the
north lab in the WSU CS building for this meet?  I was talking with
Aaron Wilson, and it looks like the 20 computers are dual boot with
Windows XP and Ubuntu 6.06 LTS.  Looking through Ubuntu though, it
doesn't look like PHP is installed.  Is it possible to get PHP installed
on Ubuntu?  If not, are there options that you would recommend?  Also,
because there are only 20 computers available in that lab, if we have a
great turnout, that may not be enough.  Let us know.

Presenters & Time Frames:
Who would like to take the opportunity to present?  I'm thinking that we
will only need 1 maybe 2 presenters during the first 2 hours of the meet
(10am - 11:50).  Then the last 2 hours (Noon - 1:50pm), I'm thinking
about running through exercises and practice problems.  We may not need
presenters, but a team helping those work through them might be
appropriate.  Although, a thought just occurred to me that maybe
presentation teams for the first 2 hours could work too.  I don't know.
 You guys are the experts.  What do you think?  I'm flexible doing 3
hours presentation, and 1 hour practicing, or whatever.  Whatever it
takes to deliver the content in a streamlined and consistent manner
without feeling like we are rushing through it.

I would really like to cover the basics here, styled after a college
course, but a little accelerated.  I'm thinking that basic knowledge of
programming in general should be assumed (variables, scope, functions,
etc.).  Also, how to setup a basic LAMP stack should also be assumed.  I
don't want us to get caught into how to configure PHP with Apache, or
the basics of programming.  Rather, I would rather cover the PHP syntax.
 How do you declare variables in PHP?  How do you declare and use
functions in PHP?  How do you create an array and index an array in PHP?
  Loops, conditional statements, etc. That sort of stuff.  Basically,
I'm looking to tailor this workshop to people who can program in other
languages, but don't know PHP.  Does that make sense?

If replying to this message, if you wouldn't mind sending it to both the
OALUG and UPHPU mailing lists, that would be great.

Thanks!  I'm looking forward to making this as successful as possible.

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